'Humane' featured in Making Waves, Social Activism Waves.

Stoked that my piece/video ‘Humane’ has been included in this months playlist by Making Waves, Social Activism Waves along with many other fantastic composers. There has never been a more crucial time for us to consider and reflect how we treat one another, how severe the repercussions of bigotry and oppression are, and that “Liberty does not exist in the absence of morality" - Edmund Burke.


Shannon's solo piano piece 'Humane' has been awarded fourth place in an International Competition

"…everything in this composition [is] done with taste and the evidence of a

strong skill of a real musician is undeniable."

Judges of the Golden Key International Composing Competition

Sheet music for 'Humane' available HERE

Release of Shannon's first piece for trumpet and piano 'A Life Worth Lived'

A Life Worth Lived was written for Dani Rich and Mitchell Dormer in 2015 and is a piece of nostalgia.

When life comes to an end, we hope that the last moments that fill your head and heart before you go are the most rewarding and treasured ones, memories that fill you up with all the good things so you can leave this life in peace.

Trumpet - Dani Rich
Piano - Mitchell Dormer


Sheet music for 'A Life Worth Lived' available HERE